Interview: Peter Henrik Gall is talking with Luca Curci

Here is a little summary of an interview I gave for ITSLIQUID Group, about “The Body Language 2021” exhibition, Venice

Self-portrait of Peter Henrik Gall in the river of Jembrana regency, Bali, 2018
All rights reserved by Peter Henrik Gall

Welcome everyone, I was so happy to answer the questions of the gallery!

In the interview I was talking about myself, my interests – such as LLL (lifelong learning), travelling, my family’s religious and ethnic diversity. Why I choose certain angles, topics, colours and so on. Everything that defines my style.
It is not just about a certain project, but about my own perspectives that is obviously characteristic and makes my photos different from other artists.

I gave extensive answers for questions, like “What makes a good photo?” Which details do you focus on?“, I shared my opinion about how being inspired vs. inspiring others affect my photos and mood.

Although the exhibition features two of my prints from the project “Burung“, but I’m also talking (and sharing for the interview) my self-portraits. I explain in the interview why I choose certain cameras to express myself, what the most challenging parts are in taking photos or in presenting myself.

For the full interview click here, it directs you to the website of ITSLIQUID Group. Hope you enjoy it!

Peter Henrik Gall, 2021 April 17th

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