Astrocartography Project (Part 1)

Pluto & Moon – Imum Coeli

In this blog post I’m going to discuss the details of my new astrocartography-based project.
I will show you what astrocartography is and how it applies for me.

Imum Coeli – The Lower Midheaven
source: AskAstrology

Why I chose Abu Dhabi to be the first station of this journey.

What Pluto and Moon lines mean in my case, and how did they affect my stay in a specific region.
In the end of the post you will find a little spoiler of my new projects that I would present for galleries that contacted me in the past months.

So let’s start.

The first part of the (conscious-now) journey of my astrocartography project takes me to the middle East, the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The first station of this project is Abu Dhabi, where I purposely pay attention to every single detail, feeling, and all the energies that surround the place I stay at. It is something that a sensitive or psychic person feels, the sign of the times, the urge to change or fix things, let go of what doesn’t serve and keep what has to stay.

I decided to challenge myself again, to face with my deepest layers of my subconsciousness and destroy the hidden (and occasionally unhealthy) parts of my ego; to merge with the invisible and forgotten ones of Id, and save the drowning ones from dying.

Why Abu Dhabi?

Astrocartography (or “astrogeography” in Europe in earlier years) is one of several methods of locational astrology, which purports to identify varying life conditions through differences in location.

Astrocartography based on the birth date of Peter Henrik Gall

These maps are used by ‘astro-cartographers’ to counsel their clients on plans for relocation or travel. As such, they are part of a general branch of astrology known as locational astrology or “relocation astrology“. Other techniques used for this purpose include local space mapping, relocated birth charts, and city incorporation charts.

Astrocartography is a locational astrology system that focuses on elements of the natal chart, by identifying these factors on a world “Astro*Carto*Graphy Map.” Lewis’ Astro*Carto*Graphy maps show all locations on the earth where planets were “angular” (rising, setting, on the zenith or nadir) at the moment of an event like a person’s birth. An “angular” planet is one that is conjunct one of these four angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC or IC). These locations are displayed in the form of lines on the Astro*Carto*Graphy world map. (source: wikipedia)

My geography locations show a high consistency with the alleged meanings of lines, totally aligned with my interests, personal history and they run through locations that DO have significant meaning for me. I follow these energies since 2016 with drowning and groundbreaking experiences.

Abu Dhabi

Thanks to the effective interventions of the UAE, the corona crisis-management went really well, saving much for the economy and minimising the backlash of the lockdowns.

Driven by personal-purposes, synchronicity, I observed this period, and despite the current quarantine situations I decided to follow the signs and go on a journey to this unknown but tempting place. The last time I felt this, it was in 2015/ 2016 when I relocated to Bali. The same calling now.

Abu Dhabi lies on the west side of my Pluto IC and Moon IC lines.

Abu Dhabi in the UAE, to the west of my Pluto IC and Moon IC lines

What do Pluto and Moon lines symbolize in astrocartography?

Pluto line

In astrology, Pluto is represented by various symbols. The most common symbol is the combination of the letters P and L. This represents both the abbreviated form of the planet Pluto, as well as the initials of the astronomer Percival Lowell, who proved the existence of Pluto in as early as 1915, by mathematical means. It was finally discovered, for the first time, by means of a telescope, in the year 1930.

Symbol of Pluto
source: Wikimedia

On Astro Maps, Pluto’s energy lines signify areas of greatest concentration of energy. These regions are characterised by intensity and passion. During longer stays there, certain ruptures and changes are likely to occur. Energy thus released is quite uncontrollable and dynamic.

On Astro Maps these potent lines require careful consideration. It is not rare for Pluto lines to be linked to significant turning points in later years. No other places make us so aware of life’s constant changes, and of the inevitable passing away of our human existence. Everything must eventually die, in order for the new to be born.

Attention is drawn to hidden areas of life. This could well be the beginning for esoteric or occult exploration. Shamanism and magical practices offer fascinating experiences, and are highly appealing. Our view of the world goes beyond the seemingly bright and superficial façade, and enters a world of new frontiers and mysteries. We are irrevocably drawn to the unknown, mysterious and bizarre.

source: Wallpapercave

Pluto places lead us on the way to transformation, but first we must enter the labyrinth of our psyche. Submerged desires and instincts come up to the surface, with the force of a volcano. This is all about power and powerlessness, passion and ruthlessness, truth and lies. Pluto forces confrontations, and it is here that we are confronted with the theme of being a perpetrator or victim.

We gain awareness of the shadow side to our being, and become acquainted with such taboo subjects as sexuality, aggression, violence and mortality. It seems impossible to avoid extremes, but an honest confrontation can lead to an overcoming of false understandings, and a release of feelings of guilt.

Moon line

The Moon is symbolised by a semicircle, which represents the soul and the emotions of the individual. Its round form reminds one of a harbour which offers shelter and protection. At the same time, this also represents the sign of the waxing Moon which reinforces the great force and changeability of this cosmic principle. This symbol can also be seen as a type of hollow mirror, which collects the sunlight and sends it back to Earth.

Symbol of the Moon
source: image

Apart from the Sun, the Moon is the most important component within the horoscope, and in Astro Maps, its lines are also considered of major importance. The Moon’s energy lines really affect the emotional and psychic domain, which creates an internal focus.

Under its influences, we become aware of our past. Of interest and concern are childhood, parents and family. We remember the past, which creates nostalgic sentiments and may tempt us to daydream. We meet the past to work through unresolved issues, which can be well finalised.

Deeply hidden needs and desires are awakened through the contact with the Moon’s energy lines. Emotions determine action and push aside rational thought. At times, we feel and behave like a child. There is the danger to have a somewhat dreamy, too simplistic and naïve view to life.

Since the Moon embodies the female side, it really depends on where this rather passive, soft and submissive side is shown in life. Especially males with traditional patriarchal views on life won’t find life too easy at such locations, and will probably experience more intense confrontations. But, in the final analysis, these experiences could prove both healing and liberating.

Moon cycles
source:: Immediate

The Moon continually changes. After a period of growth, a change occurs and “development” leads into the opposite direction, at which point, the cycle starts once again with the New Moon. Moon energy lines are great to use to initiate change or to create a new start. The effectiveness is greatly enhanced if a connection is made to the appropriate place during the corresponding Moon phase. A simple rule applies: a waxing Moon is good for those enterprises and projects requiring growth. The waning Moon supports processes requiring change and finalisation.

Abu Dhabi to the west of Pluto IC and Moon IC/ Mars in Zenith at Same Latitude 1782 km

According to

The stay in this region directs your entire focus on your career, reputation and social success. Driven by irrepressible ambition, you are prepared to fight for recognition and to meet every one of your competitors head on. Your iron will pushes you on to make your long-term goals a reality. Tests or competition create new incentive and stimulate your motivation.

Masculine energy is strong here. Women move in a man’s world and become emancipated from traditional belief structures and roles. Initiative, performance and a pioneering spirit are in demand here. The preferred work areas are in sport, the military and in the technical and construction field, where the main emphasis is on physicality.

These places are suitable for a new professional start and for a major promotion. What is needed is the ability to work independently, be innovative and self-aware. There is a high level of enthusiasm, even if further involvement is only limited.

Along this axis, you become aware of your intentions and desires. This is especially true about matters relating to sexuality. You discover certain predilections and are happy to accept fun and passion on your terms. You will undergo painful experiences if you attempt to misuse sex and use it as a weapon for power and coercion.

Moon parallel Pluto (Conjunction)

Your instinctive consciousness is attuned to a vastness of symbols that gives you a compulsively driven nature. You have a need to replicate patterns that you saw around you when you were quite young in order to feel comfortable. This can give your family of origin an inordinate influence in your life as an adult, but you will study this feature of yourself and work at freeing yourself from your past. This gives you a mechanism for self-transformation. (source: CafeAstrology)

I already felt this tension many months before, and a video that I created to express that dark liberating urge in Thailand sums up this tense feeling.

Parallel by Peter Henrik Gall
audio copyright: Ashnikko

The Scorpio tension

I have more planets in Scorpio, exactly Pluto and Moon…. what a coincidence….

But what does it mean?

Birth chart of Peter Henrik Gall

I can simply confirm what this blog post states:

Pluto conjunct this Moon in Scorpio adds to the intense emotional energy as Pluto rules Scorpio. Regardless of the sign placement, Pluto on the moon is about emotional and/or sexual invasion. Pluto destroys. The moon is the emotional or reactive nature.

Scorpio’s highest realm, to my observation, is a raw, unfiltered emotional honesty. When you meet one of these Scorpios you may notice how much you pretend and alter your emotional responses to the reactions of others. With these Scorpios, I feel like a giant fake.” – no comment. That’s why I chose to finish my school as a private detective.

Pluto in Scorpio 20° 19′ 52″ R

Your feelings about intimacy, sexuality, dependency, attachment, and support are intense. You can readily go to extremes as you seek a deeper connection to someone or a special project or goal. The quest to distinguish yourself in any of these areas can be so fraught with pressure at times that you rarely allow yourself to feel content and satisfied. You may need to work harder than most to let yourself to be anything less than strong. You are not afraid to call evil for what it is. You are a rare combination of compassionate and practical. With Pluto working at its best, you are brilliantly perceptive and understanding–quick to see the many different layers of any given situation. (source: CafeAstrology)

Pluto in the 4th House
source: TheHoroscope

Moon in Scorpio 24° 48′ 26″

The Moon in the signs reveals much about our habits, reactions, and instincts. It shows how we express and deal with our emotions. Most obvious in our homes or in private when we’re feeling comfortable, our Moon sign reveals our innermost needs. The Moon can represent our experience of nurturing; it also shows how we nurture ourselves! It’s important to note that Moon signs change every 2 or 2-1/2 days, and on some days, can be one of two signs, in which case an accurate birth time is necessary. You have the Moon in the sign of Scorpio. While others may find security and comfort in material things, you seek out emotional intensity. No matter what, there is something very intense about people with the Moon in Scorpio. They are diggers when it comes to the world of emotion–they can see beyond facades and cut right to the core of a person. This ability to “see” what isn’t obvious to the rest of the world can be intimidating to others or wildly attractive, depending on the audience!

Moon in the 4th house
source: Blogspot

Your deep-seated need for transformation and rebirth can manifest itself in your life in different ways. You may have a powerful, emotionally intense life. You might feel like it is beyond your control — you seem to attract emotional upheaval, and your life can appear to consist of plenty of many dramatic ups and downs. However, once you accept transformation as an emotional need, rebirth and change don’t need to be so dramatic and overwhelming. In some way or the other, you seek out intense experiences. If your life becomes too ordinary or regular, there can be an unconscious need to test your own strength and stir up emotional excitement. Self-awareness and acceptance is probably the best way to handle this deep need for emotional drama.

Doing things halfway or having meaningless relationships simply doesn’t fulfill you; you want all or nothing!

You might also court a strong fear of betrayal in early life. You seek out commitment and you might feel the need for a partner to give up something for you. If this fear is overpowering, you might even put someone you love through a series of tests, and this is not always conscious. Your apparent suspicion can be trying for the people who love you. However, once committed, Moon in Scorpio people can be 4/11 the most loyal and protective partners around. Over time, you are likely to learn, through trial and error, to trust.

You can be immensely attracted to that which is dark, mysterious, taboo, secret, or hidden. You’re drawn to the hidden layers of life, people, and situations. You’re highly observant and perceptive, too. You notice things others miss, especially emotional nuances and subtleties.

Even the shy Lunar Scorpios have enormous presence. Their lives are emotion-driven, yet many Moon in Scorpio natives spend a lot of time controlling and mastering their emotions. With your Moon in Scorpio, your intuition is enormous, although it is sometimes self-serving.

You tend to radiate strength. Even in the absence of experience, you seem to “just know” things. It would be difficult to shock or scare you away in the face of emotional honesty and power. Some people instinctively want to lean on you, and other less brave folk run a little scared. You possess exceptional “radar” that allows you to size up a situation–and a person–quickly and expertly. This ability to understand human motivation and nature can be too close for comfort for some and enormously comforting for others.

You are highly intelligent and astute. Those Scorpio Moons who use their enormous powers for intimacy and honesty are the happiest, and they make the most interesting and rewarding friends, partners, and lovers.

Personal comments and review of the accuracy

Are these all applicable in my case? Yes

Do I want to talk about my experiences? Yes. This period already birthed several art projects that I will share later on my webpage.
One is “The disgusting Peter Gall”, the other one is “God is Love” and during my stay in the quarantine in Abu Dhabi I already know how to implement “The Expendables” project.

Will I tell my stories? No… I respect privacy. 1000 faces, 1000 stories.

Why? Because instead of sharing personal details of my life, I decide to let the photos tell the stories and I let everyone interpret the message as they would.

Have I experienced the aforementioned showstopping-amazing-drastic-self-transformation? Yes, absolutely.

It came in a way how I did not expect that… I reacted to decisions, events in ways I never thought I could, or I would be capable of…

I left the place like a phoenix rising from its ashes. The burung metaphor enrichened with a new allegory.

I love this new version of me, but many people will hate it. I am ready to destroy what doesn’t make me happy or destroyed my happiness in the past. Be people, or energies, or anything. I’m done with fakeness from now.

I realized there are no right or wrong answers for unacceptable behaviours. I will get what I deserve.
I feel what I FEEL, I will never be ashamed of it. If someone humiliates me for it, I will shut the mouth of the person. Everything that surrounds us is part of our reality, up to our own interpretation.
So fight for your rights and protect them! Stand up for your ideas even if the people say you have issues, you are a trash, or they try to destroy you.

Remember: if you have the power to make reality whatever you want it to be then use it. Own your power. Once you own your weaknesses and strength, you will be unstoppable.
Release the beast that lives within you and let it do what it has to do…

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