The Sacred spirit of Bali – Blue Karma Artbook

Blue Karma Secrets Bali luxurious resort released an artbook that features beautiful photographs of artists from all over the world, whose shots were selected by the public in 2021 March.

Image source: Blue Karma

Blue Karma Artbook – What is it about?

“BALI, a special vortex where the elements of Nature, Tree or River, where a smile of a child or the wrinkles of  labour, let the soul of all beings express its divine. Who hasn’t dreamt to come or come back to the island of Gods to feel this special connection we have lost  living busy lives in our material world?” (source: website of Blue Karma Bali)

What’s the goal?

Buying a piece of Art will support Dignity,  Environment and Hope.

Get your artbook with the 36 pictures selected by public at only IDR 499K. You can download your preferred images at a small amount of USD$5. 

Introduction of the Artbook by Blue Karma Bali

100% of the revenue will be donated to Solemen and Plastic Exchange Bali!

The chosen photographs

The prizes of the photo contest:

1stPlace gets a special 3 nights stay at Blue Karma, choice of Blue Karma Ubud or Blue Karma Seminyak + a voucher of 1.000.000 IDR to Pondok Lensa, a shop located in Bali dedicated to photo and video gear rental + a copy of the photo contest art book “The Sacred Spirit of Bali
2ndPlace gets a voucher of 1.000.000 IDR to Pondok Lensa + the photography book of David Metcalf + a copy of the photo contest art book “The Sacred Spirit of Bali”
3rdPlace gets a voucher of 500.000 IDR to Pondok Lensa + copy of the photo contest art book “The Sacred Spirit of Bali”

For the list of winners click here and check out the full list of 36 chosen images.

My image is featured as nr. 28 in the list. Although I didn’t win one the greater prizes, I’m still happy that I could participate in this charity movement and was even featured in a printed artbook.

Image of Peter Henrik Gall, 2018 – For the Blue Karma Bali Artbook

I already ordered my copy, don’t miss yours! Download a photo for USD$5, or order a book for IDR 499K now!

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