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The Sacred spirit of Bali – Blue Karma Artbook

Blue Karma Secrets Bali luxurious resort released an artbook that features beautiful photographs of artists from all over the world, whose shots were selected by the public in 2021 March. Blue Karma Artbook – What is it about? “BALI, a special vortex where the elements of Nature, Tree or River, where a smile of a child…

Astrocartography Project (Part 1)

Pluto & Moon – Imum Coeli In this blog post I’m going to discuss the details of my new astrocartography-based project.I will show you what astrocartography is and how it applies for me. Why I chose Abu Dhabi to be the first station of this journey. What Pluto and Moon lines mean in my case,…

Interview: Peter Henrik Gall is talking with Luca Curci

Here is a little summary of an interview I gave for ITSLIQUID Group, about “The Body Language 2021” exhibition, Venice Welcome everyone, I was so happy to answer the questions of the gallery! In the interview I was talking about myself, my interests – such as LLL (lifelong learning), travelling, my family’s religious and ethnic…

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